Travertine pavers for your pool! Summer on the way!

Summer is coming up! waters warming.



If you think to remodel your house, your patio or pool area don’t miss this travertine paver deals.

STONETILEUS offering best prices for Travertine paver, Travertine pool tiles for you.

Travertine Pavers, marble pavers & Travertine pool copings available in these sizes;

French Pattern (Travertine & marble ),
Ashlar Pattern (Travertine & marble ),
6×12 (Travertine & marble ),
8×8 (Travertine & marble ),
12×12 (Travertine & marble ),
12×24 (Travertine),
16×16 (Travertine),
18×18 (Travertine),
24×24 (Travertine),


Travertine paver
Travertine paver

and available colors;
White (Travertine),
ivory (Travertine),
toscana (Travertine),
Walnut (Travertine),
Country Classic (Travertine),
Noce (Travertine),
Pearl (Marble),
Botticino (Marble),
Silver (Marble & travertine),
Gold (Travertine),
Antique Blend (Travertine),
Chocolate (Travertine),
Philadelphia (Travertine),
Peach Blend (Travertine),
Cream Fantasy (Marble).

Travertine paver available thickness are 1.25″ , 2″ , 2.25″


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