Bathroom Tile Idea

Bathroom Tile Idea

Stone Tile US  has the best selection of Natural Stone. For Bathroom Tile Idea You may find a bathroom tile option for all your needs with an elegant smooth look and beautiful veining that’s hard to beat. Our quarry is located in Turkey and we provide brushed, honed, polished and chiseled finishes. We carry Volakas in various shades of white from mountains in north Greece and Crema Marfil of Valencia in south eastern Spain, our Crema Unica was featured in season 4 of Vanilla Ice Project.

Silver Fantasy Polished Marble Tiles

Bathroom Tile Idea

Silver Fantasy Polished Marble Tiles have a blend of taupe and grey tones.  There are sections with black, white or grey with signs of white calcite veins lots of beautiful movement. This marble is great for interior decoration. Its color mixture works well for indoor designs and blends with most settings.



Bathroom Tile Idea

Silver Polished Marble Tiles is a mix of light and dark silver, black, yellow and dark brown shades. This is a very exclusive marble used for interior decoration projects, flooring, coverings, custom furniture and bath design.


Mosaics Tile

 Mosaics Tile sheets are curved on all sides, giving them the ability to fit together with a seamless finish. They are ideal for floor, walls, back splashes, kitchen, and bathroom. This tile has a durable surface, making it ideal for indoor or outdoor areas.

Mosaic Tile

Cream Fantasy

Bathroom Tile Idea

Cream Fantasy Polished Marble Tiles have a beige color with medium grain and mostly uniform surface. There is the possibility of some darker and or lighter areas, however, that is the nature Crema Fantasy.

Crema fantasia

Cappuccino Brown Polished Marble

Cappuccino Brown Polished Marble Tiles is especially warm, it contains blend of warm beige, and there are also richer shades of light browns, cream, and honey. This marble combines perfectly with other colored stones and decor.

Cappuccino Marble


Silver Gray Polished Marble Tiles have a silver, gray background and darker gray veins that run through them, there’s occasional cloudiness on this marble. These are our bestselling silver gray marble tiles.


White Tumbled Travertine Mosaic

White Tumbled Travertine Mosaic Tiles 4×4: are ideal for floor, walls, back splashes, kitchen, and bathroom. This tile has a durable surface, making it ideal for indoors or outdoor areas.

white tumbled travertine mosaic tiles 1x1 (11)


Naturella Beige Classic Polished Marble Tiles comes in an array of creams and light beige tiles making them great for contemporary or classic styles.



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