Names Used Absolute Black

Names Used Absolute Black Granite

Names Used Absolute Black Granite

Nero Assoluto, is one of the umbrella names used absolute black granite.

Absolute Black Granite has been used to describe granite from all over the world.

Some absolute granite are more speckled and less black with more metallic deposits.

Absolute black granite doesn’t tell us exactly what the quality or type of granite is or where exactly it comes from.

The name “Absolute Black Granite” comes from Belfast black granite which is a South African export.

The Italian traders named/called it Nero Assoluto meaning black absolute.

Names Used Absolute Black Granite

South Africa Ebony
South African Black

Shanxi Black Granite
is top quality from China and is usually very expensive. However, some cuts have gold spots and are not desirable which makes them a bit less expensive.

from Sweden is said to be the original absolute black granite, they also produce the Ebony Black granite and is very expensive.

Indian granite have small seed sized crystal mottling which is very visible and is lighter than basalt which makes it unique.
India supplies of large volumes of black granite including tomb markers and memorial slabs in volume.
They have a reputation for the most reasonably priced, high quality, dense absolute black granite.

Star Galaxy Gold
Bronzite is responsible for the gold specs that reflect on a dense black background and comes from forty quarries in Ongole India. It is supplied in grades of small, medium and large gold speckled. Veining does occur from the rich ferrous present in this natural stone.

Khammam/Kunnam Black
should be handled with more care it is a softer granite that will scratch.

Granite are harder, wears well and polishes nicely.

Names Used Absolute Black Granite

Other popular Indian granite names are:
Nero Assoluto Indiano
Indian Dense Black
Indian Jet Black
Premium Black
Supreme Black
Indian Super Black.

Which is black granite comes from volcano, fine grained and is formed from rapidly cooled lava.
“A very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar and often used as a building stone”.

Some countries producing “Absolute Black Granite” which are technically grey, in various forms and quality:
Brazil, Canada, Finland, Iran, Namibia, Spain, Ukraine and USA.

Popular names used for the grey/black granite are:
Nero Impala, Padang Dark, Sesame Black and Black Pearl.
Granite quarried from under the earth’s surface.

Absolute Black granite
Is not a description of one type of granite there are levels of quality, price and shades.
Basalt which is black granite comes from volcanos, fine grained and is formed from rapidly cooled lava.
“A very hard, granular, crystalline, igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar and often used as a building stone”.
It is quarried near Wapadskloof, Belfast, Mpumalanga, in South Africa since 1962.
Technically this Absolute Black Granite is gabbro/norite, gabbro a course medium grained igneous rock. Norite an intrusive igneous rock, they cannot be distinguished one from another. Gabbro norite is equivalent to basalt. Except Gabbro/Norite has lots of variation and Basalt is more consistent. This composition is found on the earth and moon.

Research and supplier reputation in any given market is key.

As there are several name Names Used Absolute Black Granite and may not be exactly what your expect.

You really have to research the origin of the granite you will purchase. Oil and dyes have been used to hide defects in some instances. The result will be fading over time. Most occurrences of this practice will be with cheap exports including some from China. Suppliers from China are offering black granite at lower prices some are quality products and others are not.

Acetone (Nail Polish Remover) will remove added dye from the Absolute Black Granite. The cloth will be clean if no dye has been added, just a quick check to see what you’re getting. This is a novice method and not an absolute rule.
As with everything study the market, products and tends. When possible get references new suppliers are always entering the market place and where the granite comes from one may not know.

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