outdoor tiles

Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles

Outdoor Tiles

They need to be strong, hard, and durable enough to handle all types of weather and climate changes.

Stone Tile Us Outdoor tiles offer just that quality, and durability.

Our tiles will provide you with a space that is both beautiful and functional.

The type of tile can be decided by the style of your home and the look you’re trying to accomplish. Stone Tile Us has a great selection of Mable and travertine tiles for your outdoor needs. Our outdoor tiles are excellent for pools,  decks travertine tile , patios, lanais, entry ways, docks, borders, driveways, and walkways. The thickness is: 1.25″ outdoor tiles need to be durable enough to withstand the traffic and climate changes it will face.

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When planning for your outdoor project consider that dark tiles in an area of dim lighting can really take away from the effect of your tiles no matter how pretty, it can make the space look dull and dark. Keep in mind that white reflects light, the lighter the color the better for reflecting light, adding relaxed outdoor appeal for fun in the sun. Imagine a beach with dark sand, how undesirable would that feel to the senses? It may be a good idea to think of the beach when choosing outdoor tile. Let nature be your guide! Stone Tile Us will be your source with the variety of colors for your outdoor needs. Please take a look at our great selection, Cream Pearl Tumbled Marble Paver is one of our great outdoor options. You can get a free sample of travertine tile at Stone Tile Us.


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