Stone Countertops

Stone Countertops

 Stone Countertops

Stone Countertops

Lime stone is another great counter top option.

It is a type of fossil stone and often has nicely preserved fossils.

Fossil Stone is a dense limestone filled with various organic matter.

It is a sedimentary rock with natural variation and mottling.

Fossil stone has the contrast of this matter and the limestone (main stone).

The limestone background makes for striking and beautiful contrast.

Shells, plants, animals and other organic matter that don’t decay, harden with minerals over time and become fossilized.

This process forms fossil stone which is the preserved remains of animals, plants and organisms from the past.

It is said that customers consider limestone pale however, it is versatile due to its neutral color.

Here at Stone Tile US we carry limestone in: Limra, Myra Beige, and Wooden Grey.

Limra Limestone Tiles is one of the most preferred and used tiles for inside design.

Limra is one of the whitest natural stones on the market. It is uniform in grain and color.

The surface is very consistent, soft and warm to the touch. It has a thin grain and the background a very uniform. Limra Limestone Tiles can be finished in a variety of ways the most popular is polished and honed.

It is preferred for masonry, stone work, and outdoor walls.

The variation in color of the Limra tile consists of subtle brown dots on a light cream background.

It’s a soft material and the sizes we offer in Limra Polished Limestone Tile is 24×24.

Wooden Gray Polished Limestone Tiles is a grayish marble with vein cuts that give the appearance of a wood finish.

There is a white background with gorgeous gray and black, in very subtle tones, making it very versatile.

We offer Wooden Gray Polished Limestone Tiles in 18×36.

Anatolian Fiorito Deep Brushed Limestone Tiles have a beige/cream color.

The surface has a mostly uniform surface with darker dashes and specs of caramel.

Anatolian Fiorito Deep Brushed Limestone Tiles are available to you from our website in two sizes 12×24, 18×36.

Myra Beige Tumbled French Pattern Limestone Pavers.

Myra Beige Tumbled French Pattern Limestone Pavers for pool deck, patios and more!

6 PIECES OF SET (8X8, 8X16, 16X16, 16X24 1.25)

There are other limestones on the market in various colors.

Limra Limestone has a super small seed like texture.

It is very porous and a sealer is to be applied before and after installation.

Champagne White Limra Limestone falls in the shade family of Cream, Ivory, and White.

Thank you for visiting Stone Tile Us Pool coping selection today!


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